How to get the last EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2

How to get the last EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2
How to get the last EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 is a thrilling action-adventure game that features various missions, characters, and suits. You can swing around the city as Peter Parker or Miles Morales, fight against villains and gangs, and uncover the secrets of the Dreamchaser Project. You can also complete various side activities, such as EMF Experiments, which are a series of puzzles and challenges related to Harry Osborn’s research.

But what if you want to complete the last EMF Experiment in the game? Well, you’re in luck, because this guide will show you how to get the last EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2, including its location, solution, and reward.

How to Unlock the Last EMF Experiment

The last EMF Experiment is not available until you finish the main story and all the other EMF Experiments in the game. There are nine EMF Experiments in total, but they are divided into three types: Energy, Plant Science, and Bee Drones. You need to complete each type of experiment to unlock the next one, until you finish the eighth one.

After you complete the main story and the eighth EMF Experiment, you will receive a phone call from Mary Jane, who will tell you that there is a package for you in the garage at Aunt May’s house. This will trigger the last EMF Experiment, which is located in Astoria, on the southeast side of the map. You can see the exact location in the image below.

How to Solve the Last EMF Experiment

The last EMF Experiment is a plant splicing puzzle, similar to the ones you did in the Plant Science experiments. However, this one is more difficult and complex, as it has more slots and options to fill. You need to match the plant attributes on the left and right sides of the puzzle, while also satisfying the conditions on the top and bottom.

The solution to the puzzle is shown in the image below. You need to place the following plant attributes in the corresponding slots:

  • Top left: H
  • Top right: Leaf
  • Middle left: Water
  • Middle right: Water
  • Bottom left: Leaf
  • Bottom right: Sun with two one prongs on its bottom

After you solve the puzzle, you will unlock a video message from Harry Osborn, who will explain his situation and his connection to the Dreamchaser Project. He will also thank you for your help and friendship, and ask you to take care of his suit.

How to Get the Reward for the Last EMF Experiment

The reward for completing the last EMF Experiment is a new suit for Peter Parker, called Tap to Reveal. This suit is based on Harry Osborn’s stealth suit, which he used to infiltrate the Dreamchaser Project. The suit has a sleek and futuristic design, with a blue and black color scheme. It also has a special ability, called Tap to Reveal, which allows you to reveal hidden objects and enemies in the environment.

To get the suit, you need to go to the closet in the garage, where you will find a case with the suit inside. You can interact with the case to unlock the suit and equip it. You can also change the suit anytime from the menu.


That’s all for this guide. We hope you found it helpful and informative. Spider-Man 2 is a fun and exciting game that you can play for hours. With the last EMF Experiment, you can unlock the final puzzle and suit in the game, and learn more about Harry Osborn’s story. Don’t forget to check this page regularly for more guides and tips on Spider-Man 2. Have fun and enjoy the game!