Sikkim Floods Latest Update: 64 tourists were rescued from Lachung and relocated to Mangan town.

The Sikkim Mangan team, led by District Magistrate Hem Kumar Chettri, successfully evacuated 64 stranded tourists from Lachung on June 17, 2024, despite adverse weather. Future air evacuations are planned, with helicopters on standby if weather permits, ensuring tourist safety.

Sikkim Mangan Team Evacuates 64 Stranded Tourists
Sikkim Mangan Team Evacuates 64 Stranded Tourists

June 18, 2024 Mangan, Sikkim, On June 17, 2024, the Sikkim Mangan team successfully evacuated 64 tourists stranded in Lachung due to bad weather. As per the Sikkim Floods Latest Update, District Magistrate Mr. Hem Kumar Chettri, the team included ADM Mr. Vishu Lama, BDO Mr. Kailash Thapa, SP Mr. Sonam Detchu Bhutia, and officials from the Police, Forest, BRO, NDRF, SDRF, local panchayats, and volunteers.

Ground Evacuation Commences

As per Sikkim Floods Latest Update govt. department, Due to bad weather, air evacuation plans were canceled, and the team used log bridges and vehicles for ground evacuation. They safely moved 64 tourists in two groups: nine in the first group and fifty-five in the second.

Sikkim Floods Latest Update: District Magistrate Hem Kumar Chettri said, “If weather permits tomorrow, air evacuation will be initiated with 6 MI helicopters on standby.” This shows their readiness to ensure everyone’s safety.

Successful Evacuation Despite Challenges

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The teamwork and dedication of all involved helped overcome the weather challenges. Essential supplies were provided to the tourists during the evacuation.

The tourists were stranded in Lachung due to sudden bad weather. The Mangan administration acted quickly, using all available resources to help.

Air Evacuation

As per Sikkim Floods Latest Update, If the weather improves, six MI helicopters are ready for air evacuation to ensure all tourists are safely transported.

The successful evacuation of 64 tourists by the Sikkim Mangan team shows their effective coordination and dedication. Future air evacuation plans are in place to ensure continued safety. For more information, contact the DAC Mangan at: 03592-234538.

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