Noida News: Noida Authority demolished illegal structures in Sector-115, reclaiming public land on June 18, 2024.

On June 18, 2024, Noida Authority demolished illegal structures in Sorkha village, Sector-115, to reclaim public land. The operation, led by CEO Dr. Lokesh M. and supported by local police, faced resistance but succeeded in enforcing land laws.

Noida Authority demolished illegal structures
Noida Authority demolished illegal structures

June 18, 2024, Noida: On June 18, 2024, the Noida Authority, under the leadership of CEO Dr. Lokesh M., conducted a major anti-encroachment drive in Sorkha village, Sector-115, Noida. The operation aimed to reclaim valuable public land from illegal structures.

Noida Authority demolished illegal structures

The Noida Authority, headed by CEO Dr. Lokesh M., with the support of local police, carried out a demolition operation in Sorkha village, Sector-115, Noida. This action aimed to enforce land regulations and prevent unauthorized occupancy on public land.

Using bulldozers, the team removed illegal structures. Local police managed any opposition that arose during the operation. Despite some resistance, the neighboring community largely supported the move.

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Residents have been warned against further encroachments as the Noida Authority remains committed to ensuring legal land usage.

The Noida Authority’s successful anti-encroachment drive in Sector-115 highlights the importance of enforcing land laws and protecting public property. Residents are urged to respect legal boundaries and report any illegal activities to the authorities.

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