Turbo Malayalam Movie 2024 Set for OTT Release: All You Need to Know ,cast and plot

The adrenaline-pumping Malayalam movie "Turbo," starring Mammootty, is slated for its OTT debut on Sony LIV, bringing its thrilling story to a wider audience.

Turbo Malayalam Movie 2024 Set for OTT Release: All You Need to Know ,cast and plot
Turbo Malayalam Movie 2024 Set for OTT Release: All You Need to Know ,cast and plot

July 7, 2024, New Delhi, The much-anticipated Malayalam action thriller “Turbo,” featuring the legendary Mammootty, is set to premiere on the OTT platform Sony LIV, likely on July 12, 2024, pending official confirmation. This follows a highly successful theatrical run since May 23, 2024, during which the film grossed Rs 71.85 crore worldwide, earning it super-hit status.

Turbo Malayalam Movie 2024 Most Important Information

  • Film Title: Turbo
  • Lead Actor: Mammootty as Jose
  • Director: Midun Manuel Thomas
  • Supporting Cast: Bindu Panicker, Kabir Duhan Singh, Niranjana Anoop, Shabaree Varma, Anjana Jayaprakash
  • Theatrical Release Date: May 23, 2024
  • Expected OTT Release Date: July 12, 2024 (pending official confirmation)
  • OTT Platform: Sony LIV

“Turbo” is part of a growing trend where successful Malayalam films transition to OTT platforms post their theatrical runs. This strategy not only broadens the film’s audience but also caters to viewers preferring home viewing.

Box Office Success

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Turbo Malayalam Movie 2024 Key Developments

  • Specific OTT Release Date: Turbo is likely to release on Sony LIV on July 12, 2024, pending official confirmation.
  • Detailed Plot Summary: The movie is about Jose moving to Chennai to start fresh after trouble with the law. In Chennai, he meets a tough politician named Vetrivel Shanmugha. The story follows Jose as he deals with the problems and clashes brought by Vetrivel, mixing action and comedy to stand out in its genre.

Turbo Malayalam Movie 2024 Cast Descriptions:

    • Mammootty as Jose: A jeep driver who moves to Chennai to start afresh but gets entangled in local politics.
    • Bindu Panicker: Plays a pivotal role, adding depth and nuance to the storyline.
    • Kabir Duhan Singh: Portrays Vetrivel Shanmugha, the politician whose solution to problems is violence.
    • Niranjana Anoop: Features as a key character, contributing significantly to Jose’s journey.
    • Shabaree Varma: Enhances the film’s dynamic with her performance.
    • Anjana Jayaprakash: Plays an important role that influences the plot’s direction.
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Turbo malayalam movie Cast and Crew:

    • Lead Actor: Mammootty
    • Supporting Cast: Bindu Panicker, Kabir Duhan Singh, Niranjana Anoop, Shabaree Varma, Anjana Jayaprakash
    • Director: Midun Manuel Thomas

Turbo movie Detailed Analysis 

“Turbo” received praise for its engaging plot and Mammootty’s strong acting. The film’s move to the Sony LIV streaming platform is anticipated to boost its viewership, reaching audiences worldwide. Analysts expect the movie to replicate its success in theaters on digital platforms, adding to the variety of regional content available on OTT services.

Turbo Malayalam Movie 2024 Expert Opinions

Film critic Ishita Ranganath comments,

“The OTT release of ‘Turbo’ is highly anticipated and expected to draw significant viewership due to its compelling narrative and stellar performances. The film’s blend of action and humor, coupled with Mammootty’s strong screen presence, promises an engaging experience for viewers.”

“Turbo” Malayalam Movie 2024 Public Reactions

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“Turbo” Malayalam Movie 2024 has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews since its theatrical debut. Anticipating its release on OTT, fans are eager to see the film due to its strong fan base and broad appeal. Notably, the initial reviews lack specific viewer reactions or quotes.

Get ready for the upcoming OTT release of “Turbo Malayalam Movie 2024,” set to captivate a larger audience. Fusing action, comedy, and a gripping storyline, driven by Mammootty’s stellar performance, this film is set to maintain its popularity among fans.

Stay updated on the official announcement on Sony LIV and gear up to stream “Turbo Malayalam Movie 2024.” Ensure you don’t miss out on this exhilarating thriller!


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