Delhi Man Arrested on June 15 for Extorting ₹10 Lakh from Doctor with Gangster Threat Amid Marital Issues

Ashok Kumar, aiming to buy a flat amid marital discord, attempted to extort a doctor in Janakpuri, Delhi, using a jailed gangster's name in a threatening letter. Arrested on June 15, 2024, Kumar confessed during interrogation, citing financial desperation.

Delhi Man Arrested on June 15 for Extorting ₹10 Lakh from Doctor with Gangster Threat Amid Marital Issues
Delhi Man Arrested on June 15 for Extorting ₹10 Lakh from Doctor with Gangster Threat Amid Marital Issues

June 22, 2024 | Delhi, India: Ashok Kumar, a 32-year-old man, was taken into custody for trying to extort money from a doctor in Janakpuri, Delhi. Kumar sent a scary letter to the doctor on June 3, 2024, using the name of a jailed gangster to scare him. The police arrested Kumar on June 15, 2024.

“The suspect planned to extort money quickly by sending threatening letters,” stated Police Deputy Commissioner (Special Task Force) Manoj C. Kumar confessed to the crime during interrogation, admitting his urgent need for money to buy a flat in Delhi due to marital issues with his wife.

Kumar aimed to frighten the doctor by targeting his clinic, in hopes of getting the money he wanted. This was just one part of his larger plan, which involved focusing on three clinics in total. His arrest is a big win for preventing crime in the busy Janakpuri neighborhood.

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Investigation showed that Kumar’s actions were driven by his urgent need for money. Police sources confirmed that he confessed to the crime, revealing the extreme measures he was willing to take to solve his financial troubles.

Motive Behind Extortion Revealed

Kumar needed money urgently because of problems with his marriage and the need to get a flat in Delhi. This made him resort to extreme actions like using a gangster’s name to scare people.

Police Action and Arrest Details

The police acted swiftly upon receiving the complaint from the doctor. Kumar was tracked down and arrested on June 15, 2024. This arrest highlights the effectiveness of the police force in tackling such crimes and ensuring the safety of citizens.

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This incident has raised awareness about the risks of extortion in urban areas and the need for vigilance among professionals. The police’s prompt action serves as a deterrent to potential offenders and reassures the public of their safety.

Ashok Kumar’s arrest for attempting to extort ₹10 lakh from a doctor in Janakpuri demonstrates the police’s effectiveness in handling such crimes. This case also highlights the extreme measures individuals might take due to financial desperation, emphasizing the need for continued vigilance and support for those in distress.


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