Assam Admission 2024: Floods Extend Schedule, Second Merit List Releases June 25

Assam's Directorate of Higher Education extends UG, PG, and integrated course admissions due to floods, with the second merit list out by June 25 and spot admissions from June 29 to July 1, accommodating both non-CUET and CUET applicants.

Assam Admission 2024: Floods Extend Schedule, Second Merit List Releases June 25
Assam Admission 2024: Floods Extend Schedule, Second Merit List Releases June 25

June 21, 2024 | Assam, India: The Directorate of Higher Education, Assam, has extended the admission schedule for undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), and integrated courses due to the ongoing flood situation. The Assam admission second merit list will now be prepared and published on June 24-25, with admission rounds continuing until June 28. This extension responds to requests from universities and colleges across the state.

Assam is facing serious flooding, but students and schools are adjusting schedules to keep learning on track despite the difficult conditions.

Assam Admission Schedule Extension

  • June 24-25: Second merit list preparation and publication
  • June 28: Conclusion of admission rounds
  • June 29 – July 1: Spot admissions
  • July 1-2: CUET admissions program selection

The Higher Education Department in Assam has revised the admission schedule to help those impacted by the recent floods. These changes are intended to offer more flexibility to students and institutions affected by the unfavorable weather conditions.

The extended timelines will particularly benefit students in flood-affected areas of Assam, providing them with additional time to complete admission procedures without unnecessary pressure.


“The Assam Admission schedule has been extended due to the flood situation and requests from educational institutions,” the Higher Education Department in Assam announced.

Assam Admission first merit list

  • 75,329 out of 1,26,899 students admitted under the first merit list.
  • The extended schedule aims to accommodate the remaining students.

This extension is crucial for students and their families, who have been struggling with the dual challenges of academic responsibilities and flood-related disruptions.

Educational institutions have welcomed the extension, acknowledging the need for a flexible approach during such emergencies.

Assam often deals with flooding during the rainy season, which greatly affects daily life and infrastructure, including schools.

While many are relieved by the extension, some schools may find it difficult to meet the new deadlines due to logistical challenges.

The Directorate has promised to keep a close eye on the situation and make any necessary changes to support students and schools, highlighting the importance of education during natural disasters.

The revised admission schedule by the Directorate of Higher Education, Assam, addresses the urgent needs arising from the flood situation, ensuring that students and institutions can manage the admission process smoothly.

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