Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes

Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes
Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a cute and colorful game that lets you build your own kingdom of cookies and fight against the evil Cake Witch. You can collect over 200 cookie characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. You can also team up with other players and join guilds to take on challenging quests and raids.

But what if you want to get some extra rewards and goodies in the game? Well, you’re in luck, because the developers have released some codes that you can redeem for free items. These codes are valid only for a limited time, so hurry up and claim them before they expire.

How to Redeem Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes

Redeeming Cookie Run: Kingdom codes is very easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the game and go to the main menu.
  • Tap on the icon at the top right corner of the screen with the three horizontal lines.
  • Select Settings and then Info.
  • Copy your Player ID and go to the Cookie Run: Kingdom coupon redeem page.
  • Enter your Player ID and the code you want to use.
  • Press the Claim Reward button and enjoy your reward.

List of Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes

Here are the codes that are currently working as of . Make sure to type them exactly as they are shown, because they are case sensitive.

  • WELCOMETOBEASTYEAST – This code will give you 3,000 Crystals, 1,500 Rainbow Cubes, 10 Magic Cookie Cutters, and more
  • INCRK3RDANNIVERSARY – This code will give you 1,000 Crystals
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYST – This code will give you 500,000 Coins
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYA – This code will give you 150 Topping Pieces
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYYE – This code will give you 5 Magic Cookie Cutters
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYAS – This code will give you 500,000 Coins
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYBE – This code will give you 500 Rainbow Cubes
  • LCSFINALEGIFTFORYOU – This code will give you 100 Stamina Jellies and 100 Star Jellies EXP
  • FROMKINGDOMWITHLOVE – This code will give you 1,500 Rainbow Cubes and 3,000 Crystals

Tips and Tricks for Cookie Run: Kingdom

If you want to master the game and become the ultimate cookie king or queen, here are some tips and tricks that you should know:

  • Always check your mailbox for free rewards and gifts from the developers and your friends.
  • Complete the missions and achievements to earn more Crystals, Coins, and other items.
  • Upgrade your cookies and their equipment to increase their power and unlock new skills.
  • Use the right toppings and combinations to boost your cookies’ stats and abilities.
  • Join a guild and participate in guild activities to get more benefits and rewards.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a fun and adorable game that will keep you entertained for hours. If you want to get some free rewards and enhance your gaming experience, don’t forget to use the codes that we have provided in this article. And remember, the codes are only valid for a short time, so act fast and claim them before they are gone.

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