Sidharth Kedia Joins JioGames as SVP on June 2024, Leading Gaming Division Expansion

Sidharth Kedia Joins JioGames as SVP to Lead Expansion - June 2024
Sidharth Kedia Joins JioGames as SVP to Lead Expansion - June 2024

Sidharth Kedia Joins JioGames as SVP to Lead Expansion - June 2024

Noida, June 18, 2024 – Reliance Jio has appointed Sidharth Kedia, former CEO of Nodwin Gaming, as the Senior Vice President and Head of JioGames. This strategic move in June 2024 aims to leverage Kedia’s extensive experience to scale up JioGames’ operations.

Kedia expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “A decade later, I feel pretty stoked to be called back in the RIL family and be entrusted with the opportunity to scale JioGames and build a gaming behemoth that India awaits.” He also highlighted Jio’s impact on the internet landscape in India, noting, “Over the last decade, D2C businesses focused on lifestyle, social, and entertainment have been the biggest beneficiaries of internet democratization by Jio. In fact, they exist today because Jio changed the way India accessed data.”

Sidharth Kedia Professional Background

Sidharth Kedia brings a wealth of experience from his role as CEO of Nodwin Gaming. His leadership and strategic insights are expected to drive Jio Games towards significant growth and development in the competitive gaming industry.

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Vision for Jio Games

Kedia’s vision for Jio Games includes expanding its reach and capabilities. He aims to transform Jio Games into a leading player in the gaming industry, focusing on innovative strategies and user engagement.

Jio Games Cloud Strategy

Under Kedia’s leadership, Jio Games will enhance its Jio Games Cloud platform. This initiative will focus on providing seamless gaming experiences to users across India, utilizing Jio’s robust data infrastructure.

Sidharth Kedia’s appointment as Senior Vice President and Head of Jio Games marks a strategic move by Reliance Jio to enhance its gaming division. With Sidharth Kedia extensive experience and vision, Jio Games is poised for substantial growth and innovation in the gaming sector.

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