Noida Authority Officials Attacked During Risky Demolition in Noida Sector 39 Attempt at Plot 412 – July 2024

Officials assaulted while addressing illegal construction in Sector 39, Noida. Persistent encroachment despite multiple notices. Immediate risk to public safety due to structural damage.

Noida Authority Officials Attacked During Risky Demolition in Noida Sector 39 Attempt at Plot 412 - July 2024
Noida Authority Officials Attacked During Risky Demolition in Noida Sector 39 Attempt at Plot 412 - July 2024

Noida, 07 July 2024: Noida Authority officials were attacked while attempting to demolish unauthorized construction on Plot Number 412 in Sector 39, Hajipur area. This incident highlights the risks faced by officials enforcing urban planning regulations.

Noida Authority officials Assault on Officials:

Offenders Sunil Tyagi, Navin Nehra, and Manoj Nehra poured diesel on themselves and two Noida Authority managers, threatening to ignite the fuel. The officials managed to escape unharmed. Following the attack, the Assistant Engineer of Work Circle-8 filed a complaint at Sector-39 police station.

Illegal Construction:

The said individuals continued to illegally occupy the land despite receiving notices on six occasions: August 17, 2022, September 18, 2023, October 9, 2023, November 29, 2023, January 12, 2024, and July 3, 2024. Attempts to demolish the structure by a team from Work Circle-8, the Land Record Department, and local police on Saturday were met with physical and verbal assaults. One of the individuals physically assaulted and verbally abused the employees, while another threatened officials Deepak Kumar and Rohit Singh by pouring diesel on himself.

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Safety Risks:

Unauthorized basement digging caused cracks in an adjacent building, posing a risk of structural failure.

Noida Authority officials Responses

Highlighted the risk posed by unauthorized basement digging. Emphasized the potential for major disasters due to structural damage in neighboring buildings.

ACP Praveen Singh:

Condemned the assault on authority employees. Assured a thorough investigation and appropriate actions.

Noida Authority officials Analysis

The Noida Authority’s claims are backed by detailed notice records, with consistent efforts made to tackle the issue.

This situation highlights the struggles that authorities face in enforcing land use regulations, possibly leading to stricter enforcement and monitoring in Noida. This could discourage unauthorized construction and promote compliance with legal procedures.

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Similar occurrences in other rapidly developing areas mirror a resistance to urban planning rules. The drastic actions taken by the culprits indicate either severe desperation or defiance.

The assault on Noida Authority officials underscores the difficulties of enforcing urban planning regulations. Contrasting the Noida Authority’s persistent approach to tackling illegal construction with the offenders’ extreme behavior. The resolution of this incident may establish a precedent for future enforcement, influencing real estate practices and regulatory compliance in the region.

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