NEET UG Malpractices: CBI Secures Custody of Four Accused in Godhra Exam Scam on June 29

CBI investigates NEET-UG malpractices involving exam center manipulation and answer sheet tampering at Jay Jalaram School, Godhra.

NEET UG Malpractices: CBI Secures Custody of Four Accused in Godhra Exam Scam on June 29
NEET UG Malpractices: CBI Secures Custody of Four Accused in Godhra Exam Scam on June 29

29 June 2024:Gujarat, In a significant development, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has obtained custody of four individuals implicated in manipulating NEET UG exams at Jay Jalaram School in Godhra, Gujarat.

The accused allegedly orchestrated a scheme involving exam center manipulation and answer sheet tampering to facilitate unfair scoring practices.

The Principal District Judge of Panchmahal remanded the accused to CBI custody till July 2, 2024. This move is part of CBI’s broader efforts to ensure the integrity of the NEET UG exams and uncover the full extent of the malpractices involved.

NEET UG Malpractices Uncovered

CBI investigations revealed that the accused had devised a plan to manipulate NEET UG scores by controlling the exam center at Jay Jalaram School. Candidates were reportedly instructed to opt for this school, where the answer sheets were accessible overnight before being dispatched. This allowed the accused to tamper with the answer sheets, ensuring higher scores for certain candidates.

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CBI Investigates Further

CBI lawyer stated, “The agency needed their custody for fresh investigation.” The court granted CBI’s request for remand till July 2, 2024, confirmed government lawyer. This custody aims to facilitate a thorough investigation into the alleged malpractices and gather more evidence.

NEET UG Malpractices Details and Statistics

  • Raids Conducted: Seven places in Gujarat
  • Fees Charged: Rs 10 lakh per candidate
  • Statements Recorded: Six candidates
  • Case Registered: May 8, 2024

Ensuring Fair Examination Practices

The focus of the investigation is to ensure fairness in the NEET UG exams and to prevent such malpractices from recurring. The CBI’s ongoing efforts include statements from affected candidates and further raids on suspected locations. This underscores the need for rigorous examination security and fair practices to maintain the credibility of competitive exams in India.

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Additional Information

The investigation into the NEET UG malpractices is expected to uncover further details about the extent of the manipulation and the network involved. This case highlights the ongoing challenges in maintaining the integrity of competitive exams and the importance of robust security measures.

This ongoing investigation highlights the importance of maintaining the integrity of competitive exams like NEET UG . The custody of the accused until July 2, 2024, marks a significant step in uncovering the full extent of the malpractice and ensuring justice. The education community, including students, parents, and authorities, awaits further developments as the CBI continues its probe.

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Source : Press Trust of India 

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