Integral University Lucknow 10th Convocation ceremony

The X Integral Convocation, the annual highlight of the University, and important milestone in the educational journey both for students as well as for the University concluded in the University Lawns with full house of students and faculty in their colored customary robes.

The ceremony started with the standing ovation given by the audience to the chief guest and other delegates, and began with the University Tarana which set the tone of this X Convocation on a bright and cool November morning.
Prof. Aqil Ahmad, acting Vice Chancellor, declared the Convocation “open” to the house full of dignitaries and students. He expressed his regards to the presiding guests for elevating the aura of the occasion. Prof. Ahmad mentioned the various achievements of the University in recent years and reinforced that Integral has always strived to be a centre of excellence. “Integral University has advanced a lot in academic research and development activities. It has achieved a vertical growth over a short period of time”, the Vice chancellor said.

Mr.Kumar Keshav, Managing Director, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation, emphasized the role of ethics in the life of a student. He said, “One must always live with the utmost integrity”. He concluded wishing all the outgoing students and teachers all the success in life and to always be confident. He thanked Prof. S. W. Akhtar for his support in Lucknow Metro LMRC project.

10th Convocation Ceremony | Celebrating Student Success | Integral University Lucknow

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