Krea University IFMR GSB Welcomes 250+ New MBA Students at Prarambh 2024 Orientation

Krea University IFMR GSB Welcomes 250+ New MBA Students at Prarambh 2024 Orientation

July 5, 2024, Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, India: The IFMR Graduate School of Business (GSB) at Krea University has welcomed over 250 new MBA students from 22 states across India for the 2024-25 academic year.

The Prarambh orientation program, held from July 3-7, 2024, aims to introduce students to the rigorous MBA program, emphasizing continuous learning and professional development, with insights from industry leaders like Chief Guest Divakar Jain from Deloitte.

Krea University Diverse MBA Cohort Welcomed at IFMR GSB

The 2024 cohort at IFMR GSB comprises students from 22 states across India, showcasing the university’s national reach and appeal. This diversity is expected to enrich the learning experience and foster a multicultural environment.

Industry Leader Shares Insights at Orientation

Chief Guest Divakar Jain, a leader in risk and financial advisory at Deloitte, US-India Office, delivered a keynote address at the inaugural ceremony. Drawing from his extensive career, Jain emphasized the importance of agility and continuous learning in today’s rapidly evolving global landscape. “Courage, creativity, and communication – have the courage to speak up and say the right thing, be creative enough amid the advancement of technology and communicate truthfully and directly,” Jain advised.

Krea University Leadership Emphasizes Adaptability and Skill Development

Professor Lakshmi Kumar, Dean of IFMR GSB, urged students to keep an open mind regarding their academic and career paths. “While you may initially lean towards a specific field, there could be something even more compelling and pertinent waiting for you. Reconsider your decisions during the first year, and our capable faculty will support you throughout this process,” she advised. Professor Madhuri Saripalle, Chairperson of the MBA Programme, welcomed students to the start of an extraordinary journey. “We will provide you with the essential groundwork, and it is up to you to make the connections,” she remarked. The Krea University is dedicated to offering a demanding, professional program tailored to empower graduates with the expertise and skills essential for thriving in the competitive business landscape.

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Comprehensive Prarambh Orientation Programme

The Prarambh orientation program features a diverse schedule of interactive sessions guided by Krea University leaders, professors, and student ambassadors. These sessions are geared towards offering incoming students valuable knowledge on academic standards, campus facilities, and avenues for both personal and professional advancement.

The interdisciplinary program is structured to cultivate a comprehensive comprehension of business fundamentals and operations, fostering inquisitiveness, practical implementation of learning, and individual development.

Additional Information: Future Developments and Expectations

The orientation marks the beginning of an exciting journey for the new students. Over the next two years, they will engage in a curriculum that emphasizes employability and prepares them for the dynamic business world. The program’s focus on adaptability, continuous learning, and professional development will be crucial as students navigate their careers.

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Analysis and Insight

Experts believe that the inclusion of industry leaders like Divakar Jain in orientation programs provides students with valuable real-world perspectives. This approach aligns with IFMR GSB’s commitment to blending academic rigor with practical insights, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

The Prarambh orientation at IFMR GSB, Krea University, has set the stage for a promising academic journey for the new MBA cohort. With guidance from experienced faculty and insights from industry leaders, these students are well-equipped to excel in their studies and future careers. Stay updated with more news on IFMR GSB and other educational developments by visiting The Rising News.

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