IIT Madras launches BTech in AI and Data Analytics to equip students with key skills

IIT Madras launches BTech in AI and Data Analytics to equip students with key skills
IIT Madras launches BTech in AI and Data Analytics to equip students with key skills

Chennai, India – June 15, 2024 – IIT Madras has announced the launch of a new BTech program in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics, starting from the academic year 2024-25. This program, a first in India, aims to prepare students for future technology demands and meet industry needs.

A Groundbreaking Educational Initiative

IIT Madras is breaking new ground with its BTech in AI and Data Analytics. The program is designed to train top AI professionals and innovators, addressing the growing needs of the tech industry. Prof. V. Kamakoti, Director of IIT Madras, highlighted the program’s interdisciplinary approach, stating, “The B.Tech. in AI and Data Analytics is uniquely positioned to address multi-disciplinary connections.” The new program will commence in July 2024.

IIT Madras launches BTech in AI Program

  •  IIT Madras, led by Prof. V. Kamakoti
  • Launches BTech in AI and Data Analytics
  • Starting from Academic Year 2024-25
  • IIT Madras, Chennai
  • To equip students with skills in AI and Data Analytics
  • Through a curriculum that integrates interdisciplinary aspects and practical applications
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IIT Madras launches BTech in AI Support and Admission

The program will admit students through JEE (Advanced) and is supported by a ₹110 Crore endowment from distinguished alumnus Sunil Wadhwani. This initiative aims to provide cutting-edge education and foster innovation in the field of AI and Data Analytics. The endowment is one of the largest gifts given by an alumnus to create a school at an educational institution in India.

Exciting Opportunities for Students

This new program offers exciting opportunities for students, opening doors to advanced learning and future careers in technology. IIT Madras BTech in AI continues to lead in educational innovation and excellence with this initiative.

IIT Madras has launched India’s first BTech in AI and Data Analytics, beginning in the academic year 2024-25. Supported by a significant endowment and focusing on interdisciplinary skills and practical learning, this program aims to produce skilled AI professionals and innovators.

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Background and Analysis

The introduction of this program comes at a time when the demand for AI and data analytics professionals is skyrocketing globally. With the integration of practical applications and interdisciplinary learning, the BTech program at IIT Madras is set to become a benchmark in technical education. The support from a ₹110 Crore endowment highlights the institution’s commitment to providing top-tier education and resources to its students.

By launching this cutting-edge program, IIT Madras is not only addressing the current educational needs but also paving the way for future technological advancements. This initiative reflects the institution’s ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of educational and technological innovation.

Engaging with Future Innovators

The BTech program in AI and Data Analytics at IIT Madras is a significant step towards nurturing the next generation of tech leaders. By focusing on multi-disciplinary connections and practical skills, the program aims to produce graduates who are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the modern tech landscape.

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The launch of the BTech in AI and Data Analytics by IIT Madras marks a pivotal moment in India’s educational landscape. This program promises to deliver a comprehensive and innovative learning experience, preparing students to become the future leaders in AI and Data Analytics.



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