IIT Kanpur 57th Convocation: 2,332 Graduates Honoured with Awards, Inspiring Speeches on Leadership & Service

IIT Kanpur's 57th convocation celebrated 2,332 graduates with notable speeches and awards, emphasising academic excellence, leadership, and community service, inspiring graduates to shape their futures.

IIT Kanpur 57th Convocation: 2,332 Graduates Honoured with Awards, Inspiring Speeches on Leadership & Service

June 29, 2024. New Delhi: IIT Kanpur recently held its 57th convocation, celebrating the academic accomplishments of 2,332 graduates. The event, held at the main auditorium, featured inspiring speeches and award presentations, highlighting the achievements of students across various disciplines.

An Academic Achievement Celebration at IIT Kanpur

IIT Kanpur’s 57th convocation saw degrees conferred upon graduates from diverse fields, marking a significant milestone for the students and the institution. The event was graced by notable figures, including Jayathi Y Murthy, President of Oregon State University, USA, and Manindra Agrawal, Director of IIT Kanpur. The convocation was held in two sessions, reflecting the institute’s commitment to honoring each student’s hard work and dedication.

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IIT Kanpur Awards & Speeches

Jayathi Y Murthy said, “Choose the narrative of your life and write your own story.”

Manindra Agrawal advised, “Leverage your technical knowledge for innovation and entrepreneurship.”

These messages inspired graduates to pursue their dreams and make meaningful contributions to society. The speeches emphasized the importance of education, leadership, and community service in driving societal growth and personal success. The ceremony also included the presentation of prestigious awards such as the President’s Gold Medal and the Director’s Gold Medals for academic excellence and leadership.

IIT Kanpur Breakdown of Graduates

  • PhD: 226
  • MTech: 457
  • BTech: 842
  • 2-year MSc: 165
  • MBA: 36
  • MTech-PhD: 12
  • MDes: 17
  • MS by Research: 77
  • PGPEX-VLFM: 40
  • Double Major: 26
  • Dual Degree: 89
  • MS-PD: 14
  • BS: 125
  • eMasters: 205
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The event highlighted the achievements of students not only in academics but also in community service, leadership, and cultural activities. The recognition of these contributions underscores IIT Kanpur’s holistic approach to education, fostering well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.

The IIT Kanpur 57th convocation was a momentous occasion, celebrating the academic journey and achievements of its graduates. The event underscored the importance of innovation, leadership, and community service, inspiring students to shape their futures and contribute to society.

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