IIM Udaipur MBA Admission 2024: Inaugural Ceremony Welcomes 384 Diverse Students with Keynote Speakers

IIM Udaipur inaugurated its 2024-26 MBA batch with 384 students. The diverse cohort includes 32% females and 68% males, with 60% having work experience. Keynote speakers emphasized strategic growth, and awards recognized academic excellence.

IIM Udaipur MBA Admission 2024: Inaugural Ceremony Welcomes 384 Diverse Students with Keynote Speakers
IIM Udaipur MBA Admission 2024: Inaugural Ceremony Welcomes 384 Diverse Students with Keynote Speakers

June 25, 2024, New Delhi: The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur hosted its inaugural ceremony for the IIM Udaipur MBA Admission 2024, welcoming 384 students to its flagship two-year MBA program. This event marked the beginning of an academic journey for a diverse group of future business leaders.

IIM Udaipur MBA Admission 2024: Inaugural Ceremony Among with Students

The new cohort includes 32% female and 68% male students, showcasing a balanced gender distribution. The academic backgrounds of the students are also varied, with 58% coming from engineering disciplines and 42% from non-engineering fields. Additionally, 60% of the students have prior work experience, while 40% are freshers.

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Addresses Highlight Strategic Growth

The ceremony was presided over by Ashok Banerjee, Director of IIM Udaipur. Sonny Iqbal, from Egon Zehnder, served as the Chief Guest and emphasized the importance of hard work, strategic growth, and relationship management in his address. Rajesh Nanarpuzha, Dean of Programs, encouraged students to view their time at IIMU as a journey and contribute positively to the institute’s culture.

IIM Udaipur MBA Recognizing Academic Excellence

Scholastic and Director’s awards were presented to recognize outstanding academic performance in the first year. These awards highlighted the institute’s commitment to academic excellence and its efforts to motivate students to strive for high standards.

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The composition of the new MBA batch reflects IIM Udaipur’s dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment. The blend of students from various academic and professional backgrounds is expected to enrich the learning experience and better prepare students for future challenges.

“Combining hard work and dedication with strategic growth is essential,” said Sonny Iqbal. “Students should use their time at IIMU to create building blocks for their future,” added Rajesh Nanarpuzha.

IIM Udaipur MBA Admission 2024 batch inauguration showcased the institute’s focus on diversity and academic excellence. The event set the tone for a promising journey ahead for the 384 students, emphasizing strategic growth, relationship management, and a positive contribution to the institute’s culture.

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