Honkai Star Rail Gallagher Release Date, Speculation: What We Know So Far

Honkai Star Rail Gallagher Release Date, Speculation
Honkai Star Rail Gallagher Release Date, Speculation

Honkai Star Rail is a mobile game that combines sci-fi and fantasy elements. You can explore a vast and immersive world, collect and upgrade various characters, and fight against enemies and bosses. You can also join factions, participate in events, and customize your own spaceship.

But what if you want to know more about the upcoming characters in the game? Well, you’re in luck, because Honkai Star Rail has revealed some of the new characters that will join the game in the future updates. One of them is Gallagher, a 4-star Abundance character with the Fire element and a mixologist background.

In this article, we will tell you everything we know so far about Gallagher, including his release date, abilities, voice actors, and more.

Gallagher Release Date

According to the official drip marketing campaign, Gallagher is expected to debut as a 4-star unit in Honkai Star Rail 2.1. He could be on the first phase banner, which rolls out with the update around March 19 or March 20, 2024. He will be released alongside two powerful five-star characters, Acheron and Aventurine. Gallagher will likely feature in the first half of the patch, however, the actual date of his appearance will be confirmed after the 2.1 Special Program.

Gallagher Abilities

Gallagher is a 4-star offensive Abundance character, with the Fire element and he completely scales on Attack. His kit has more offensive abilities than healing abilities, and he doesn’t seem to feature a reactive healing ability like Natasha and Lynx, the other two 4-star Abundance characters in the game. He is a security officer of the Bloodhound Family at Penacony. Described as a slovenly and indolent mixologist, he is always courteous towards guests. Despite that, he always keeps his vigilance about him.

Here are some of his abilities, based on the 2.0 Trailblaze missions and the official website:

  • Basic Attack: Gallagher throws a cocktail shaker at the target, dealing Fire damage and applying a debuff called Drunkenness. Drunkenness reduces the target’s Defense and increases the damage they take from Gallagher’s skills.
  • Skill 1: Gallagher mixes a drink and tosses it at the target, dealing Fire damage and applying a buff called Euphoria. Euphoria increases the target’s Attack and restores some of their HP over time.
  • Skill 2: Gallagher mixes a drink and drinks it himself, gaining a buff called Intoxication. Intoxication increases Gallagher’s Attack and Crit Rate, and also grants him a shield that absorbs damage.
  • Skill 3: Gallagher mixes a drink and throws it at the ground, creating a large explosion that deals Fire damage and knocks back enemies. The explosion also leaves behind a pool of fire that deals Fire damage over time and applies Drunkenness to enemies.
  • Ultimate: Gallagher mixes a drink and throws it at the target, dealing massive Fire damage and applying a debuff called Hangover. Hangover reduces the target’s Attack and Movement Speed, and also makes them take more damage from Gallagher’s skills.

Gallagher Voice Actors

Gallagher’s English voice actor is Eric Braa, who is known for voicing Draven, Jax, and VelKoz in League of Legends. Gallagher’s Japanese voice actor is Mikami Satoshi, who is known for voicing Tezcatlipoca in Fate Grand Order (anime), Klaus Midgar in Eminence in Shadow (anime), and Fanzell Kruger in Black Clover (anime).

Gallagher Speculation

Gallagher is one of the most mysterious characters in Honkai Star Rail, as he has not appeared much in the main story or the events. However, based on his background and his interactions with Firefly, we can speculate some of his possible roles and motivations in the game.

  • Gallagher seems to be loyal to the Bloodhound Family, as he works as a security officer for them and protects their interests. However, he also seems to have a soft spot for Firefly, as he came to his rescue when he was harassed by two other security officers. He also offered him a drink and a place to stay, and even gave him some advice on how to deal with his situation. This could mean that Gallagher is not completely aligned with the Bloodhound Family, and may have his own agenda or secrets.
  • Gallagher also seems to have some knowledge about the Dreamchaser Project, as he mentioned that Firefly was a part of it. He also warned him about the dangers of the project, and suggested that he should escape from it. This could mean that Gallagher is aware of the true nature of the project, and may have some involvement or connection with it. He may also have some information or clues about the other Dreamchasers, such as Sparkle, Jing Yuan, Sampo, Hanya, and Qingque.
  • Gallagher also seems to have some skills and talents as a mixologist, as he can create various drinks that have different effects on himself and others. He can also use his drinks as weapons, as he can throw them at enemies and cause explosions and fire damage. This could mean that Gallagher is not only a security officer, but also a spy or an assassin, who can use his drinks to infiltrate, manipulate, or eliminate his targets.

Honkai Star Rail is a fun and immersive game that you can play for hours. With Gallagher and other new characters joining the game in the future updates, you can expect more exciting and diverse gameplay and story. Don’t forget to check this page regularly for new information and updates. Have fun and enjoy Honkai Star Rail!