Heavy Traffic Jam on Delhi-Meerut Expressway Escalates: Immediate NHAI Action Required [ Jam News]

Daily delays on DME and NH-9 demand urgent action from NHAI to address bottlenecks and improve infrastructure. National Highway Authority of India - July 11, 2024.

Heavy Traffic Jam on Delhi-Meerut Expressway Escalates: Immediate NHAI Action Required

NEW DELHI, July 11, 2024: The growing problem of traffic congestion on the Delhi-Meerut Expressway (DME) and National Highway-9 (NH-9) has reached a crucial stage, requiring immediate action from relevant authorities. Persistent traffic bottlenecks at key entry points and underpasses are leading to significant delays and frustration among commuters. This underscores the urgent need for infrastructure upgrades and more effective traffic management strategies.

Heavy Traffic Jam on Delhi-Meerut Expressway

  • Parties Involved: National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), local administration, and commuters
  • Traffic Jam Issue: Severe traffic congestion plaguing DME and NH-9, highlighting bottleneck areas
  • Affected Areas: Particularly in Ghaziabad, at Crossing Republic entry point and Siddharth Vihar underpass
  • Timing: Daily during peak commuting hours, impacting morning and evening travel
  • Reasons: Narrow entry points and underpasses, lack of infrastructure upgrades, and illegal parking
  • Impact: Long queues of vehicles, daily delays of 10-15 minutes for NH-9 drivers

Despite NHAI’s recent identification of 10 new congestion points, significant measures to alleviate the situation are yet to be implemented. The bottleneck at Crossing Republic and congestion at Siddharth Vihar underscore the persistent challenges faced by commuters due to insufficient infrastructure enhancements.

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The daily disruptions lead to wastage of time and fuel, impacting productivity and environmental sustainability. The ongoing delays fuel public frustration, highlighting governance and infrastructure planning obstacles.

Entry Point Congestion Issue Heavy Traffic Jam on Delhi-Meerut Expressway 

Lengthy vehicle queues for entry at DME, stretching up to the new entry point preceding Crossing Republic, exacerbate traffic congestion issues. While traffic on NH-9 flows into Delhi via DME uninterrupted, the bottleneck arises from the narrow width at the entry point.

  • Traffic Jam Effect: Only one vehicle can enter at a time, causing queues extending up to a kilometer. This leads to traffic jams on NH-9 during peak hours as drivers form multiple lines.

  • Data: This bottleneck results in daily delays of 10-15 minutes, impacting thousands of commuters.### NHAI’s Perspective and Public Issues

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NHAI officials have mentioned that further widening the entry point of DME is not feasible. However, the public perceives that rushed implementation has contributed to the current challenges.

  • Public Concerns: Enhancing the service road’s width could have facilitated an expansion of the entry point, alleviating traffic congestion around Vijaynagar, Shantinagar, and Sector-62.

  • Commuter Grievances: Drivers using NH-9 encounter daily delays of 10-15 minutes, underscoring the need for enhancements at the entry point.

Challenge at Siddharth Vihar Underpass

Numerous commuters heading to Siddharth Vihar, New Link Road, Pratap Vihar, and other areas via NH-9 encounter severe congestion at the Siddharth Vihar underpass, especially during peak hours.

  • Root Causes: The congestion is exacerbated by narrow roads and illegal halts by auto and e-rickshaw drivers picking up passengers.

  • Consequences: Vehicles slow down 500 meters ahead of the underpass, resulting in significant delays and fuel wastage.

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Potential Resolutions

  • Traffic Supervision: By preventing auto drivers from halting on the left side of the underpass during peak hours, the issue can be mitigated.

  • Underpass Traffic Jam Regulation: Allowing one-way traffic flow inside the underpass concurrently with traffic from NH-9 can offer some relief.

Emphasis is placed on infrastructure enhancements, such as potentially widening service roads and enforcing stricter traffic rules. Collaborative endeavors involving NHAI, local authorities, and commuters are essential to effectively address the persistent congestion challenges.

Addressing the enduring traffic congestion on DME and NH-9 requires concerted actions and prompt interventions. Enhancing infrastructure and implementing effective traffic management measures are vital to restoring seamless commuting and curbing environmental impacts. For further details, please visit the official National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) website.

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