GTA San Andreas: Top 5 Iconic Lines, Ranked Check

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Upcoming GTA Game to Feature AAA-Inspired Crime System, Reveals Creative Director

June 15, 2024: GTA San Andreas has been a favorite among gamers since its release in 2004. Known for its engaging gameplay and memorable quotes, the game continues to hold a special place in the hearts of fans. Here are the top five iconic lines from GTA San Andreas that have left a lasting impact.

The Most Iconic Lines

In the virtual world of GTA San Andreas, some lines stand out for their humor and cultural impact. Let’s look at the top five:

1. “Ah sit, here we go again”

CJ says this at the start of a mission, and it has become a meme for facing repetitive tasks. Its humor and relatability make it a favorite on social media.

2. “All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!”

Big Smoke says this in frustration during a failed mission. It captures the fun and sometimes frustrating challenges of the game.

3. “You picked the wrong house, fool!”

Ryder greets CJ with this aggressive line, often quoted for its surprise and challenge.

4. “I got a lot of money to make.”

CJ’s ambition is clear in this line. It reflects his drive and the game’s theme of success.

5. “It’s time to take back the streets.”

CJ rallies his gang with this line, symbolizing the fight for power and control.

Nostalgia and Cultural Impact

The quotes from GTA San Andreas are not just funny but have also become part of our culture. They appear in memes, social media, and even everyday conversations, showing their lasting importance.


“These lines are now part of gaming history,” says Alex Turner, a gaming expert. “They show how special GTA San Andreas is.”

The Ongoing Relevance of GTA San Andreas

Even after almost twenty years, GTA San Andreas is still loved by gamers. Its memorable quotes, exciting story, and open-world gameplay set high standards for other games. These famous lines keep the game popular and loved.

GTA San Andreas has given us more than just a fun game; it has given us quotes that we remember and love. These lines are a big part of why the game is so special. Whether you have been playing since the beginning or are new to it, these quotes show why GTA San Andreas is still so important in gaming and culture.