Ghaziabad News: Woman Attacked by Stray Dogs in Ghaziabad; KDP Grand Savanna Residents Protest AOA Neglect

Residents of KDP Grand Savanna, Ghaziabad, protested against the AOA following a stray dog attack on a sanitation worker. They accuse AOA of neglecting security measures and prioritizing unnecessary expenses. The confrontation highlights ongoing safety concerns within the society.

KDP Grand Savanna
KDP Grand Savanna

June 22, 2024 | Ghaziabad, India: On Saturday, residents of KDP Grand Savanna in Ghaziabad protested against the Apartment Owners Association (AOA) after a stray dog attacked a sanitation worker on Friday morning. The residents blamed the AOA for not handling the stray dog problem properly and called for immediate action to keep them safe.

Gate No. 1 was where the protest happened, and many upset residents showed up. They were unhappy with how the AOA dealt with things, saying that stray dogs get into the building’s basement too often because security is not enough.

Incident and Protest at KDP Grand Savanna, Ghaziabad

The protest started because a sanitation worker was attacked by stray dogs in the society’s basement. Residents worry about these dogs and think they are a danger to their safety and well-being.

Residents allege that the AOA has failed to take appropriate measures to address the issue. Sudhir Gangwar, a society resident, said, “AOA has failed to ensure safety.” The residents’ demands include increased security measures to prevent stray dogs from entering the premises.

Residents were vocal about their frustrations and the lack of action from the AOA. They demand that the AOA prioritize safety over other expenses. “We demand immediate action from AOA,” the residents stated collectively.

KDP Grand Savanna Ongoing Concerns and Future Actions

The protest will continue until the AOA takes concrete steps to resolve the issue. The residents are determined to see changes implemented, highlighting the ongoing concerns about safety within the community.

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The ongoing protests at KDP Grand Savanna highlight the residents’ determination to ensure their safety and demand accountability from the AOA. This incident underscores the importance of effective community governance and the need for prompt action to address safety concerns.

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