Centipede Found in Amul Ice Cream: Conflicting Claims Arise in Noida Incident on June 15

Amul Ice Cream
Amul Ice Cream

Amul Ice CreamJune 17, 2024, Noida, Uttar Pradesh: A local woman from Noida, Deepa, has claimed that she discovered a centipede in an Amul ice cream. This incident, reported on June 15, 2024, has sparked conflicting statements between Deepa and Amul, a major dairy company in India.

Woman’s Allegation

Deepa Devi posted on social media that she discovered a centipede in her Amul ice cream and claimed, “My statement is completely truthful. Amul’s refusal is a clear untruth.” Her post spread rapidly online, drawing widespread public interest and highlighting worries about product safety and quality checks.

Amul’s Response

Amul responded promptly, sending a team to collect the sample for investigation. However, according to an Amul spokesperson, they were unable to retrieve the sample as Deepa allegedly refused to hand it over. The spokesperson remarked, “We have not received any sample for investigation as claimed.

Investigation Status

Authorities are being called upon to carry out a thorough and fair investigation in response to the growing attention surrounding the incident. The public is seeking clarity and accountability due to discrepancies between Deepa’s account and Amul’s response.

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The incident took place on June 15, 2024, when Deepa Devi discovered a centipede in her ice cream and shared her experience on social media.

confusion has arisen from Amul’s denial of receiving the sample, leading to questions about the handling and evaluation of similar complaints.

This incident has significant implications for consumer trust and the reputation of Amul. The dairy giant must ensure transparency and rigorous quality control measures to maintain its market position.

As the investigation unfolds, the public eagerly awaits the findings to understand what truly transpired.

The conflicting statements between Deepa and Amul regarding the alleged contamination in the ice cream have brought to light concerns about food safety and corporate accountability.

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Authorities must step in to ensure a fair investigation and restore consumer confidence.

This article aims to provide a clear, concise, and comprehensive overview of the incident, adhering to journalistic principles and maintaining a professional tone throughout.


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