Catching Slowpoke in Pokemon Go: A Guide for Trainers

Catching Slowpoke in Pokemon Go: A Guide for Trainers
Catching Slowpoke in Pokemon Go: A Guide for Trainers (image via

Pokemon Go enthusiasts are on the lookout for Generation 1’s beloved Water/Psychic-type, Slowpoke. This iconic creature has become a rare find as the game continues to expand with more Pokemon generations. If you’re one of the many trainers hoping to catch a Slowpoke or even a Shiny version, here’s everything you need to know.

Finding Slowpoke in the Wild

Slowpoke can still be encountered in Pokemon Go, albeit through limited means. The most straightforward method is stumbling upon it in the wild. However, for those looking for a bit more adventure, battling and purifying a Shadow Slowpoke presents another opportunity. During , Team Go Rocket grunts will use Psychic-type Pokemon, including Shadow Slowpoke, in their battles. Defeating these grunts gives trainers a chance to catch this shadowy version.

Additionally, keep an eye on Pokemon Go events, such as Community Days or Spotlight Hours, as Slowpoke is a common feature in these.

The Quest for Shiny Slowpoke

Yes, the elusive Shiny Slowpoke exists in Pokemon Go and has been since November 2020. Catching a Shiny version relies heavily on luck, as with all Shiny Pokemon in the game. There’s no guaranteed method to find one, so patience and persistence are key.

Catching Slowpoke, be it the regular or Shiny variant, adds a classic Pokemon to your collection and brings a touch of nostalgia for those who have been with the franchise since the beginning. Keep exploring, battling, and participating in events, and you might just find yourself a Slowpoke to call your own.