XLRI Delhi-NCR Admits 210 Students to PG Diploma Programme for 2024-26, Non-Engineer Women on the Rise up to 30.7% at XLRI Delhi-NCR

XLRI Delhi-NCR’s PG Diploma programme has seen a significant increase of 25 percent in the participation of women students compared to the previous batch, making up 30.7 percent of the new unit.

XLRI Delhi-NCR Admits 210 Students to PG Diploma Programme for 2024-26, Non-Engineer Women on the Rise up to 30.7% at XLRI Delhi-NCR

Delhi, June 25, 2024 – XLRI Delhi-NCR has admitted 210 students to its PG Diploma programme for the 2024-26 academic session. Notably, there has been a significant increase in the participation of women students, with a 25 percent rise compared to the previous batch. Women now make up 30.7 percent of the new cohort, reflecting the institute’s commitment to gender inclusion in higher education.

The batch composition shows a gradual shift in the balance between engineers and non-engineers. While engineers still hold a higher proportion at 51.3 percent, there has been a steady decline in their numbers over the past four years. In contrast, non-engineers now comprise 48.7 percent of the current batch, indicating a trend towards a more diverse academic background within the student body. This shift enhances the learning environment by incorporating varied perspectives and expertise.

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XLRI Delhi-NCR in Academic Backgrounds Over Four Years:

Year Engineers Non-Engineers
2021 64.4% 35.6%
2022 70% 30%
2023 62.3% 37.7%
2024 51.3% 48.7%

According to data on work experience, the XLRI 2024-26 batch showcases a wide range of professional backgrounds. Approximately 33.51 percent of the group consists of recent graduates, while the remaining students have varying levels of job experience. Nearly 40 percent possess over one year of professional involvement, and one out of every four students has accumulated more than two years of experience.

Dr. Fr. K.S. Casimir, director of XLRI Delhi-NCR, commented, “This incoming class represents a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and experiences, demonstrating our dedication to diversity and academic performance. The significant rise in female representation underscores our commitment to gender inclusion in higher education. Additionally, the balanced mix of academic backgrounds, including engineers and non-engineers, contributes to a dynamic learning atmosphere rich in varied viewpoints.”

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XLRI offers students the option to concentrate in up to two areas. The institution provides expertise across seven divisions: economics, environment society and governance (ESG), finance, information systems, marketing, production, operations and decision sciences, and strategy.

Key Highlights:

  • Admission of 210 students to the PG Diploma programme.
  • 25% increase in women’s participation, now constituting 30.7% of the batch.
  • Engineers make up 51.3% of the batch, with a noticeable decline over the years.
  • Non-engineers comprise 48.7% of the batch, reflecting a trend towards diverse academic backgrounds.
  • 33.51% recent graduates, 40% with over one year of experience, and 25% with more than two years of experience.
  • Concentration options in seven divisions.
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This diverse and inclusive approach is expected to enrich the educational experience at XLRI Delhi-NCR, fostering a holistic and varied learning environment.