SpaceCatch Announces $CATCH Token Launch for Its Innovative AR Game

SpaceCatch Announces $CATCH Token Launch for Its Innovative AR Game
SpaceCatch Announces $CATCH Token Launch for Its Innovative AR Game (Press Release)

SpaceCatch is making waves in the GameFi world with its latest announcement about the $CATCH token launch. This exciting development is tied to its augmented reality (AR) game, which has already created a buzz on social media platforms like X (Twitter).

The launch marks a significant milestone following a successful presale of the $CATCH token. The game, developed by Pixelfield, has been in the works for over eighteen months, focusing on quality and long-term sustainability rather than rushing the release.

$CATCH is not just another in-game currency; it’s designed to maintain its value over time through limited supply and a unique staking mechanism that mimics Bitcoin’s halving process. This approach ensures rewards for early adopters could be as high as 300% to 500% APR in the initial stages.

Additionally, the game has managed to secure $3.37 million through its funding rounds, with one round alone bringing in $1.17 million within just 42 hours. A significant portion of the game’s revenue will support the $CATCH token by buying back and burning tokens, adding to its scarcity and value.

SpaceCatch’s NFT ventures have also seen remarkable success, with the Genesis Box NFTs selling out in mere seconds despite a downturn in the NFT market. This success underlines the team’s ability to tap into what players and investors are looking for.

What sets SpaceCatch apart is its use of AR, geolocation, AI, blockchain, and NFTs to create a novel gaming experience. This free-to-play model incorporates new play-to-earn and move-to-earn concepts, promising sustainability and engagement. Players, known as Catchers, will face the challenge of repelling an alien invasion, using enhanced abilities and strategies.

The imminent listing of $CATCH on centralized exchanges (CEXs) adds to the excitement, promising further growth and visibility for the project.

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