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The reason why we call her “Daring” is because of her evergreen “no worries” attitude. Everybody lives, but there are rare who breathe on their own terms and conditions. Its difficult, but it is worth doing. Vera Singh is few of those persons who is exceptionally strong. She likes to do things her own way. Stays happy and cheerful. People gossip about her, but she hardly cares. Vera lives the way she likes and now no regrets from anything and anyone.


RJ Vera Singh has spent a long span in Radio Industry. She hosted the morning show for almost 13 years in Radio City. A magical voice far and wide sharp at 7 for two hours. People now miss that ravishing sound which disappeared…Not only her voice, she excel in every aspect of radio. She now gives courses of Radio and her students get well placement every year.

Vera’s life has been a bit different. There are people who dream of a married life at a certain age, but Vera has never lived in an idea of marriage. Its not that she hates the concept of tying the knot but it was simply not her cup of tea. In a society where adoption is believed to be a taboo, she adopted a special child “Vasu”. Vasu, Vera and vera’s mother living a happy life now. The Rising News had a one on one with this amazing lady-


Your attitude towards life is different, how do you manage to take right decisions?

Time changes, and so you. As you grasp experiences you become more serious and matured. Your priorities with time changes. I have always behaved according to my priorities and suggest everyone to do the same. First dig out your important things and then work accordingly. I have always followed this path, took decisions and always respected them.

Why did you choose not to marry?

I had a list of what I want and what not. Marriage was never on that. Like any other Indian Traditional family I was also been introduced to many guys. But I never had an urge to find any Mr. Perfect. I had other things to do and I clearly spoke to my family. They finally understood me.


The craze for your voice has still not ended. People still remember you. How does it feel? How were you introduced to Radio?

Love to those who remember me. It feels great. I was always fond of Radio. Used to do a kids show on AIR when I was five. Journey for radio started at a very tender age. I continued even I was stuck in my hectic job of Hindustan Times Newspaper in 98. In 2001 Radio City was launched in Lucknow and I was appointed. That was a turning point. Those were my ruling. I lived my life. Four years back I left Radio City for certain reasons and now all my time is for Vasu and Mom.

Tell us something about Vasu? How did people reacted and accepted the fact of her adoption?

Vasu is my life. She was a special child when I adopted her and so I had to face a lot. People couldn’t accept it at first. They expected a normal child to be adopted. But I took Vasu home. Sooner people accepted. They supported. Keeping the fact in mind that I was always open about her adoption. I never kept anyone in dark. And so it helped other people to accept this easily. Vasu had some fluid in her brain. We had to operate. Touchwood she is fine and normal now. I never leave her alone. I am glad to see her much better now. We are so very happy with each other.

We would love to know about your Mom

My mother Ram Janki, is extremely talented and a multitasking lady. By profession a teacher and now a retired free bird. She is my strength. Not well these days. Suffering from Alzheimer. I have to give more time and extra attention. As I told you about priorities…this is my priority for now.

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