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Sasha Sauvir


There are people who aim to fly high, and to reach the highest cloud of their life, also there are people born with a silver spoon. Luxury delivered to their feet and this is how it goes.


But then there are few, who are “satisfied”.


Satisfaction…a word so common, but hard to assimilate. Piyush Abhay Singh in one of the rarest satisfied person here.

A human who bagged 80th rank in CPMT and left it. Yes you heard it right. He left the damm CPMT thing others aim for. Isnt it rare?


Meraki Inc. belongs to him. An organization known for fabulous videography. Believe it or not, the work is beyond excellent.


The Rising News wanted to know more about him and so we stepped into his “not so pretty” office.

This isn’t look like a production kinda place. There isn’t a studio?


Haha. Well this is how it is. We like to keep it simple. Basic elements are all available. Studio is at another place but we had created one here overnight when there was a shoot once.


I believe, instead of bearing an expensive office setup, its good to invest here at my work. I avoid being showy. Simplicity is what my kind of thing.

Is Meraki the thing you always wanted?


Not really. I was always a confused type of person. Actually God has blessed me with a creative mind and creative people can never stick to one thing. I did my 12th from Mahanagar Boys. I always had a passion for writing so I started writing articles for Hindustan Times.  Did my BA and simultaneously I gave CPMT. Got 80th rank which was pretty good. My mother was extremely happy. But this was not I was seeking. I choose not to go for medical.


Then I opted for NIFT. Mumbai was the centre I preferred and my journey to NIFT started.  There I was in fashion Journalism. This is where I learnt basics of camera.


Crazy incidents happened there. Annual function was scheduled and never a good piece of performance played at their campus. I randomly offered, “I can call parikrama band.”(As I have known Subir Mallik, owner of Parikrama since long) And soon parikrama performed. I lined up more such events and was treated like a hero of my College.


Then life dragged me to a U-Turn and my father left us. He suffered from Cancer and it was his untimely demise that transformed me to a serious person. For almost an year I was in Lucknow and thought to quit NIFT. Soon after my father passed away, I thought of rejoining NIFT and them I sincerely completed my course.

Arise of Meraki


Meanwhile I did Job at various good places. Got exposure and came back to lucknow for my mom. She was alone and I wanted to be with her. I started teaching underpriviledged students and got utmost satisfaction. Then I stepped for Meraki.


Trust me, I have no idea how far will I go. Its just that, everytime I do anything superb, I have a habbit of suddenly quitting it up and starting a new thing. To fly high is not my motto. Just want to live my life to the fullest.


Thanks to my wife Meenu. She is more a friend. We share a High level bond.

Few words from Meenu…


Piyush better half Meenu has been a famous RJ. Narrating few words about Piyush she says, “earlier I thought he is rude, arrogant. But I was wrong. I did the best thing of my life marrying him. Afterall, no one except me could handle him,” she adds. Meenu accepts that in this case…2 weird people with weird thoughts and weird energy are living really happy.


Meenu now works shoulder to shoulder with Piyush. Ane these two weirdos make a great couple.


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