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We will be talking about the lady from Lucknow who solely turned the face of Lucknow Fashion Industry with her fabric and fashion inclination. She, with her convincing trait, modish personality and backbreaking hard work along with the prints, regular research and ground level work…introduced the fashion sense in the city of nawabs back in the 90s. And now is being recognized around the world for her royal and graceful work.


Meet the extraordinary talented Indian Fashion Designer Asma Hussain in a candid interview, where she poured her heart out about some untouched facts of her personal life. 

Behind the scenes

The rich look and an elegant personality with a bundle of success stories at her sleeves; this is all we know about her. But there is a lot more backstage. It’s a hidden sorrow of her life that she extracted in the interview. Pain for sure depressed her but made her feel even stronger and harder. At the same time, she is thankful for her life for taking her to such ups and downs without which she wouldn't have got much success in her life. 


Fairytale begins from Gorakhpur

I was raised in a liberal family. My Engineer dad, housewife mom and younger sister and brother. We were a happy family of five. Living in Gorakhpur and studying in Mount Carmel school and residing in a German Colony. Our upbringing was out of the world. It was after many years when I got to know that kitchen was a department to be handled by ladies. Seriously speaking, we were never taught about this. Male members of our family are really good at cooking and babysitting. 


My father has been my superman. We were more like friends. I loved pillow fighting with him. On the other hand, my mother was very concerned about our studies. It was only because of her we managed to top the class every single year. Memories of my childhood days surely added feathers to my cap. It was really a wonderful time.


9 years of "that" marriage

Overcoming her agony and adding a new “F” to her life. Fearless. Asma Hussain is one of those few vigorous personalities who know how to stand against the odds, fight and then win. If failed, try again in the same way. Suddenly after her "childhood fairytale", she encountered a "kick in the teeth."

Probably no one in the town knows about her first marriage. She came to limelight in the year 1994 at her first fashion show. She was 25 back then. It was that time when people came to know about the Fashion Designer Asma Hussain. 

Her life before that event was quite different, or we can say miserable. 

It was her first marriageto an army officer when she was 18, suddenly after her 12th. 

It might shock you but yes, its true. This lady draped in fantastic clothes has gone through many damaged phases. 

The initial time was not so ugly. The couple respected the relationship and in return, they got a beautiful daughter, Amaira. Things gradually changed. 

Collision began when she found him alcoholic. Every day five hours were fixed, and he was utmost punctual in this drinking schedule. This ruined the marriage. 

He quit his job and moved to the house in Mahanagar, Lucknow which was owned by Asma Hussain’s mother. Asma solely nursed her daughter. The violence began and he did many things which a man shouldn't do.



It took two years for the legal separation. Happened in 95-96. Meanwhile, the war for daughter also began. She refused to give Amaira and won.

Asma says “it was a bad phase which is gone. Since then I have been more strong and ready for everything.”

Phoenix rising from the ashes

“During my first marriage, I did a Fashion course from JNU.  I never planned for any store but when something has to happen it happens.. I worked hard for my first collection from my house only. Work was based on Barabanki fabric, khadi, wedding collection and many more. I then organised a show in Ganna Sansthan and it was a hit. The show was all about introducing fashion in Lucknow. I sticked to the royal theme and people were astounded. So much crowd for the show…the memory is still alive. It was the phase where I was growing professionally but fighting hard for my personal freedom. Two years later, I got the divorce.”


Meeting with Anees Ansari

Anees Ansari attended the show. My maternal grandmother knew him very well. And so he helped me in many ways. My husband was going wild at the end period. He even threatened me. I sometimes felt a car following while walking on the street. I was scared. It was the time when Anees was there for me. 

One night at around 2 am, I heard someone knocking my door repeatedly. I found it was Anees. Surprisingly and shockingly I asked him what he was doing there. He said he tried calling on my landline number since hours but nobody was answering. I checked and found that my BSNL landline was not working well.   

This incident shook me from inside. How a person can be so concerned. I was falling for him but was really scared. My past experiences were not allowing me to trust. 


The final yes...

Though Anees proposed me but I needed some time to regenerate faith within me. We maintained our friendship. One day I was out to Delhi to meet a lady for official work.  I was sitting in the waiting room and a peon handed me a cup of tea. The saucer even had some drops of tea. If I pick the cup the drops will fall on my dress it will get dirty, what is the other way to have tea cleanly…I was stuck in these thoughts and suddenly someone took that cup before I could understand what’s happening the guy cleaned the base from his handkerchief…it happened in seconds. I looked up and he was there. Anees. 

That gentleman attribute made me surer about him. Later we got married and soon we had our angel daughter... Naila. 

Naila and Amira share a great bonding.Touchwood!

Ladder to success

Asma Hussain successfully established her empire and now is a proud owner of Asma Hussain Institute of Fashion Technology, running her Fashion House as well. 



Her beautiful daughter Amaira (in the photograph above) is all set to handle the creative section of the Group while the younger daughter Naila is studying in school. 

Nehru is the one she adores

Who is the one person you admire? She gives a smile on this question and mom. Shehnaz Mirza, and she used to admire Nehru a lot. So indirectly I am a Nehru Fan. 

“When I wasn’t born, my mom used to think day in day out about Nehru. I feel I definitely got some positive effect.” She adds.



Coco Chanel drives me crazy

When it comes to her favorite fashion designers, then it's Coco Chanel. Here in India, she admires Rohit and JJ Valaya. 

Cannes and Paris….Sorry

“Cannes invited us to bag a fasion show there. We couldn’t make it.” Says Asma with a low sound.

“We really wanted but our Scheduled Institute event cannot be postponed. Same way I had to refuse an award which was to be given to me in Paris. It was a big achievement but…”

took a deep sigh.

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