PUBG to Follow Fortnite’s Lead with Destructible Environments and More

PUBG to Follow Fortnite’s Lead with Destructible Environments and More
PUBG to Follow Fortnite’s Lead with Destructible Environments and More (image via Kroftan)

PUBG: Battlegrounds is set to revamp its gameplay experience as it steps into its seventh year. The developers have showcased an ambitious roadmap for 2024 that aims to refine the core gameplay loop.

Destructible Environments

Central to these plans is introducing destructible environments, a feature directly coming from Fortnite’s dynamic battlegrounds. While players won’t be levelling entire structures, the developers have promised that some “sections” will be destructible. A teaser visual depicted a player wielding a pickaxe to dig a hole, hinting at this new feature’s possibilities.

Bi-monthly Updates

In a bid to maintain a fresh competitive meta, PUBG’s arsenal will undergo bimonthly updates. These gun tweaks will debut in Arcade mode, gathering player feedback before transitioning to Normal and Ranked play. The upcoming Update 28.2 is set to introduce a significant SMG Rebalance to Arcade, with a broader game-wide implementation expected in June.

Future Adjustments

The developers have also teased future adjustments for the SCAR-L, and AKM and nerfs targeting unspecified “powerful weapons”. PUBG’s evolution isn’t limited to combat. Developers are exploring new areas, focusing on adventure and loot, and expanding beyond traditional shooting.

New Features

It’s worth considering portable ziplines, as we’ve seen in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six siege after the recent addition of vehicle vaulting and co-op climbing, which expand the kinetic mechanics available to players. While the upcoming updates won’t introduce brand-new game modes, they do introduce Team vs. Games. The Team settings will also be introduced. This feature will take you and your allies to a series of tournaments with a new team, where your activities and victories contribute to additional prizes.

Speciality Modes

Speciality modes continue to pop up in some areas, such as the PvE mode Survivors Left Behind from last Halloween, which is now scheduled to be updated every three months, alongside staples like Team Deathmatch and Intense Battle Royale.

The environment destructible update is set to launch in April, with further enhancements slated for subsequent releases. Stay tuned for more updates on PUBG’s exciting new features and improvements.