PUBG: Battlegrounds PC Live Server Maintenance Concludes with Key Issue Fixes

PUBG: Battlegrounds PC Live Server Maintenance Concludes with Key Issue Fixes
PUBG: Battlegrounds PC Live Server Maintenance Concludes with Key Issue Fixes (image via BGMI Twitter)

March 27, 2024 – In an announcement that came as a relief to gamers worldwide, PUBG: Battlegrounds’ support team declared the completion of the scheduled maintenance for its PC live servers. The maintenance, which began earlier today and was expected to last for approximately four hours, addressed several critical issues that had been affecting the gameplay experience for its vast player base.

The updates were detailed in a series of tweets from the official PUBG Support Twitter account, @PUBG_Support. Players can now dive back into the game, assured that the team has ironed out some significant kinks.

Key Fixes Implemented

Among the most notable fixes is the adjustment to the mechanical sight zeroing of the Beryl M762, a popular weapon choice among players for its versatility and firepower. Before the update, users had reported inaccuracies with the sight zeroing, which could lead to frustrating combat scenarios. This fix is expected to enhance aiming precision and overall combat effectiveness, thereby improving the gaming experience.

Additionally, the maintenance tackled issues related to item reception while inside a vehicle, a bug that had been particularly vexing for players engaging in high-mobility strategies. Specific fixes include:

  • A resolution to the bug preventing item pickups when opening weapon crate items in IBR mode. This mode, known for its intense, battle-royale-style gameplay, relies heavily on the ability to quickly and efficiently gear up, making this fix a critical update for competitive play.
  • A fix for the issue where players were unable to receive in-game mission items on the Rondo map, ensuring that players can complete missions without undue hindrance.

Looking Forward

These updates come as part of PUBG: Battlegrounds’ ongoing efforts to polish the game, addressing bugs and enhancing the overall player experience. The maintenance not only aimed to rectify existing issues but also to ensure the game’s stability and performance remain at the highest standard.

PUBG: Battlegrounds has established itself as a leading title in the battle royale genre, with a dedicated player base and a constant influx of new content and updates. The game’s developers have committed to regular maintenance and updates in response to community feedback, underscoring their dedication to providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

As players return to the battlegrounds, they can look forward to a more refined gameplay experience, thanks to the diligent work of the PUBG: Battlegrounds support team. With these issues now addressed, fans of the game are eager to see what the future holds for one of the most popular battle royale games on the market.