NRG and Panda Express Spice Up Their Relationship with a New Deal

NRG and Panda Express Spice Up Their Relationship with a New Deal
NRG and Panda Express Spice Up Their Relationship with a New Deal

NRG, one of the leading esports organizations in North America, has announced a spicy new partnership with Panda Express, the largest Asian restaurant chain in the US. The deal, which is focused on NRG’s Rocket League team, will bring together the worlds of gaming and food in a delicious way.

What Does the Partnership Entail?

According to the official announcement, NRG and Panda Express will collaborate on several activations, such as:

  • Giveaways of Panda Express gift cards and NRG merchandise to fans and viewers.
  • Brand integration across NRG’s social media channels, such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • On-air meals and exclusive content featuring Panda Express products during NRG’s Mission Control broadcast, which covers the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) matches.
  • A new segment called the Panda Express Pre Game, where commentators will analyze the RLCS matches while enjoying Panda Express meals.
  • Multiple original content pieces involving NRG’s Rocket League players and content creators, showcasing their skills and personalities.

Why Did NRG and Panda Express Partner Up?

This partnership marks Panda Express’s first entry into the esports space, as well as NRG’s first food-related sponsor. Both parties expressed their excitement and enthusiasm for the deal, which aims to create a unique and engaging experience for the fans and the community.

Hauk Nelson, Director of Business Development at NRG, said: “NRG has always been at the forefront of innovation in the esports industry, and our collaboration with Panda Express marks a monumental leap forward. Together with Panda Express, we’re setting the stage for a whole new kind of engagement, where the thrill of gaming meets the joy of great food. We’re thrilled to integrate Panda Express into the NRG family and can’t wait to see the energy and enthusiasm this partnership will bring to our Rocket League and broader esports initiatives.”

Dave Wallinga, Vice President of Guest Marketing at Panda Express, said: “We are excited to partner with NRG and support their Rocket League team as they compete on the global stage. Panda Express is passionate about bringing people together through food and fun, and we believe that esports is a great way to connect with our guests and fans. We look forward to sharing our delicious and innovative menu items with the NRG community and celebrating their achievements in the esports arena.”

What Does This Mean for the Esports Industry?

The partnership between NRG and Panda Express is a sign of the growing interest and involvement of non-endemic brands in the esports industry. As esports becomes more mainstream and popular, more companies from different sectors and backgrounds are looking to tap into the potential and opportunities that esports offers.

NRG, in particular, has been successful in attracting and retaining a diverse and impressive portfolio of sponsors, such as Kia America, Carvana, Spectrum, and DXRacer. The addition of Panda Express to this list shows that NRG is not afraid to explore new and creative ways to partner with brands and create value for both parties.

The partnership also shows that esports is not just about gaming, but also about lifestyle, culture, and entertainment. By combining gaming and food, NRG and Panda Express are creating a fun and immersive experience for the fans and the players, as well as showcasing their personalities and passions.