Krafton Removes Four Teams from BGIS 2024 Amidst Cheating Allegations

Krafton Removes Four Teams from BGIS 2024 Amidst Cheating Allegations
Krafton Removes Four Teams from BGIS 2024 Amidst Cheating Allegations (via Krafton)

In a significant move to ensure fair play, Krafton has disqualified four teams from the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024. The announcement came on April 30, 2024, following a detailed investigation into the teams’ conduct during the tournament.

The teams affected by this decision are Five Filter Esports, Instinct Outliers, Megastars Gaming, and Tense Esports. They were found guilty of using unauthorized software modifications and collaborating with other players equipped with cheating devices. Such actions are against the rules and spirit of the competition.

Krafton’s official statement expressed regret over the decision but emphasized the importance of maintaining integrity within the series. The company stated, “We are committed to maintaining a fair and competitive environment in BGIS 2024. It is with regret that we must announce a significant decision affecting the integrity and fairness of the said competition.”

The specific violations involved using software that gave the teams an unfair advantage. They also worked with players who used cheating devices. These actions go against the principles of sportsmanship and fair competition that BGIS stands for.

As a result of the disqualification, all results from the tournament involving these teams will be nullified. Krafton also mentioned that they would conduct a thorough review to determine if further sanctions are necessary. This could include potential bans from future events organized by Krafton.

To maintain the competitive balance within the groups, the points earned by the disqualified teams will be redistributed equally among the remaining teams. This ensures that no team is unduly disadvantaged by the exclusion of a competitor.

The overall standings of BGIS 2024 The Grind event have been updated to reflect these changes. The seedings for the upcoming matches will also be revised. This re-seeding aims to ensure that all teams have equitable conditions for competition based on the updated standings.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series is a prestigious event in the mobile esports scene. It attracts a mix of seasoned and underdog teams. The Grind event was the qualifying event for the BGIS 2024 main event. A total of 256 teams were invited to compete within it.

Krafton’s decision to disqualify the four teams sends a clear message. Cheating will not be tolerated. The company is taking steps to preserve the integrity of the competition. This move is likely to be welcomed by the community, which values fair play and sportsmanship.

The disqualified teams have not yet released any statements regarding their ban. The rest of the teams in the competition will now have to adjust their strategies. They will need to prepare for the revised match schedules and seedings.

As the BGIS 2024 progresses, it will be interesting to see how this decision impacts the dynamics of the tournament. The community will be watching closely to see how Krafton continues to handle such issues. The goal is to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants and fans.