GTA Online Summer Update 2024 launch shifted to late June

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GTA Online
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Rockstar Games, the makers of the popular gaming franchise GTA has recently released details about the upcoming GTA Online Summer Update 2024 on its official website. In an updated Newswire post Rockstar Games have announced that the Summer Update could arrive in late June, which was initially slated for an early July release.

The older Newswire post on their website mentioned the arrival of the GTA Online Summer Update 2024 around “beginning next month”, which recently got edited to “later this month”. The Summer Update will introduce new vehicles like the Overflod Pipistrello, Creator tools and props for making custom Drift and Drag Races, a new bail enforcement and bounty hunting business, along with some new dispatch work for Vincent Effenburger.

In addition to that, the GTA Plus members will get early access to the brand new supercar Overflod Pipistrello free of cost. The supercar will be available on the day of the Summer Update 2024 launch, a week before the non-subscribers will be able to access it through official purchase.

If you’re unaware, GTA Plus is a monthly membership program exclusively available for GTA Online’s PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and Series S players for $7.99 per month. Those members get exclusive access to several benefits such as a monthly deposit of GTA $500,000 and access to Member-only Shark Cards for even greater value and rotational benefits like Vehicle-related benefits, Property-related benefits, etc.

Also, the GTA Online Summer Update 2024 will boost the payouts of certain jobs, increase Sell Mission timer for two businesses to aid solo players, automatic replenishment of snacks upon starting most missions, as well as enhancement of the overall player experience through some much-needed improvements.

However, the exact release date for the GTA Online Summer Update 2024 has not been officially announced yet. Readers should keep an eye out for the official release date of the Summer Update which could be disclosed any time soon.

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