GTA 6 map: 10 different types of snacks in in-game liquor store

GTA 6 map: 10 different types of snacks in in-game liquor store
GTA 6 map: 10 different types of snacks in in-game liquor store (image via Rock Star Games)

In the latest buzz surrounding the eagerly awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), fans are dissecting every frame of its debut trailer for clues and features. Recently, a Reddit user going by the handle Kay_Sato (u/Kay_Sato) shared a fascinating discovery: the trailer subtly showcases a variety of snacks within an in-game liquor store.

The liquor store has atleast 10 different types of chips / crisps.
byu/Kay_Sato inGTA6

On April 27, 2024, u/Kay_Sato took to Reddit to unravel some of the trailer’s secrets. Pointing to a scene depicting a store robbery, where characters Lucia and Jason (the latter’s name awaiting official confirmation) navigate through a liquor store, the user highlighted the presence of 10 distinct types of snacks.

While the names of these snacks proved challenging to discern, u/Kay_Sato noted a resemblance between one of them and the iconic “Flaming Hot Cheetos.”

Accompanying the post was a screenshot capturing the moment, offering a glimpse of the array of snacks and beverages surrounding Jason and Lucia.

While the attention to detail in the liquor store scene is commendable, it remains uncertain whether players will have the option to purchase these items in GTA 6.

Reacting to u/Kay_Sato’s revelation, user Spencer Johnson (u/StingingGamer) expressed eagerness for a second trailer, emphasizing the community’s hunger for more information.

Meanwhile, another user suggested a novel idea of counting the trees visible in the initial trailer, indicative of the thorough analysis fans are conducting.

Further appreciation came from MemebotTheSenate (u/MemebotTheSenate), lauding the meticulous attention to detail and u/Kay_Sato’s keen observation.

Echoing these sentiments, user Far_Astronaut_4795 (u/Far_Astronaut_4795) marveled at the graphics and intricacy evident in the depicted snacks, affirming the trailer’s immersive quality.

As speculation continues to swirl, one thing remains certain: Rockstar Games has intricately woven real-life elements into the fabric of GTA 6, promising players a more immersive and realistic gameplay experience with each unveiled detail.