GTA 5 Set to Hit Android, Nintendo Switch, and Linux Platforms

GTA 5 Set to Hit Android, Nintendo Switch, and Linux Platforms
GTA 5 Set to Hit Android, Nintendo Switch, and Linux Platforms (image via

In December 2023, a significant event stirred the gaming community: the source code for GTA 5 was leaked. This incident has opened up new horizons for modders, who are now on the verge of making the game available on Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Android devices. This development is eagerly awaited by fans, who are thrilled at the prospect of playing this iconic game on a variety of new platforms.

Rockstar Games, the creator of GTA 5, has previously brought titles like Red Dead Redemption and the Definitive Edition GTA Trilogy to the Nintendo Switch. However, GTA 5 has not yet made its way to this popular console. A group of dedicated modders is looking to change that by working on porting the game themselves. This effort has sparked a lot of excitement in the gaming community, as seen in recent videos showcasing GTA 5’s loading screen on Android devices. These videos, while not officially confirmed to be connected to the modding group, have fueled both excitement and skepticism among fans.

The possibility of GTA 5 on the Nintendo Switch has raised some doubts, given the console’s hardware limitations compared to the platforms GTA 5 originally launched on. Yet, the Switch has proven capable of running other high-demand games, suggesting that GTA 5 could indeed be a feasible addition.

The leak of GTA 5’s source code not only paves the way for its arrival on the Switch but also opens up the potential for a mobile port on Android devices. This prospect is particularly exciting for gamers who prefer playing on mobile platforms. However, there are concerns about how Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of GTA 5, might respond to these modding efforts.

As anticipation builds, the gaming community is keenly awaiting official news on the release of GTA 5 on these new platforms. This situation highlights the modding community’s role in driving innovation and expanding the accessibility of popular games like GTA 5 to a broader audience.