Domino’s Reaches 2,000 Stores in India, Aims for 4,000 by 2030

Domino's Reaches 2,000 Stores in India, Aims for 4,000 by 2030
Domino's Reaches 2,000 Stores in India, Aims for 4,000 by 2030
Domino's Reaches 2000 Stores
Domino’s Reaches 2000 Stores

New Delhi, India – June 17, 2024: The fast-food restaurant chain Domino’s Pizza today reached a major milestone by opening its 2,000th store in India. Located in New Delhi, this legitimate initiative is another indication of the place strong presence that the brand has built up here. In 1990, Pratik Pota took over as CEO of Domino’s. He aims to increase its number of stores in India from 2000 to 4000 by 2030. This expansion builds on the success of regionalized campaigns like “Dil Na Phael”.

“At West Delhi” Domino’s India under Pratik Pota New Delhi on June 17th, 2024 The 2,000th store in the big city of Delhi, India. This expansion is aimed at meeting the growing demand for quick-serve restaurants throughout the country, making that kind of food just a short trip upriver on any highway and ninety minutes away.

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“Reaching 2,000 stores is a monumental achievement. Our goal is to double this number by 2030,” said Pratik Pota, CEO of Domino’s India.

Strategic Growth and Future Plans

Domino’s success in India is attributed to its strategic growth plan, which includes a strong supply chain, a diverse and innovative menu, and a robust digital infrastructure. These factors have enabled Domino’s to cater effectively to the preferences of Indian consumers, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable customer experience.

  • Domino’s India, led by CEO Pratik Pota
  • Opening of the 2,000th Domino’s store
  • June 17, 2024
  • New Delhi, India
  • To cater to growing demand and increase accessibility
  • Leveraging a strong supply chain, innovative menu, and robust digital infrastructure
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“We have focused on making our pizzas more accessible to customers across the country. This milestone reflects our commitment to the Indian market,” said Pratik Pota.

Future Outlook

Domino’s ambitious plan to reach 4,000 stores by 2030 indicates a strong future outlook. The brand continues to innovate and expand, aiming to solidify its market leadership in India.

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Domino’s achievement of 2,000 stores in India is a testament to its effective strategy and customer-centric approach. With plans to double this number by 2030, the pizza chain is set to further strengthen its market presence and continue delivering quality service to its customers.

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