Celebrity Cricket League Live Score: Chennai Rhinos vs Kerala Strikers

CCL live Score: Chennai Rhinos vs Kerala Strikers
CCL live Score: Chennai Rhinos vs Kerala Strikers

In the ongoing Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), the Chennai Rhinos are currently locking horns with the Kerala Strikers. The match, which began at 6:30 PM, is a crucial one for both teams.

The Rhinos, led by Jiiva, have had a strong season so far. They started their journey with a resounding victory, thanks to Vikranth’s unbeaten innings. However, a narrow one-run loss to the Telugu Warriors has put them in a challenging position. A win in today’s match could secure them a spot in the playoffs.

On the other side, the Kerala Strikers, despite their impressive upset victory over the Telugu Warriors, find themselves in a tough spot. Losses in their first two matches have cost them crucial points, and even a triumph might not guarantee them a place in the playoffs.

As the four south teams set foot on the field in Thiruvananthapuram for the final two group stage matches today, spectators eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the top four teams advancing to the qualifiers.

The match is being broadcast live on Jio Cinema, where fans can follow the live updates. As the match progresses, the situation might change rapidly, and fans are recommended to check the latest updates on the official broadcasting platforms.

Please note that this article was written based on the match situation at a specific point in time and the current scenario might have changed. For the latest updates, please follow the official broadcasting platforms.